When we spend so much time with one person, planning our whole future with them. Most of the time, we stop seeing life beyond that, and it gets tough when you part ways. You stop enjoying the things you loved doing. The midnight trips to the ice shop isn’t that fun anymore. You don’t feel like watching the sunset even from your window because it reminds you of all the sunsets you watched with someone. Suddenly, your favorite snacks aren’t making you hungry anymore, and you have probably lost your appetite because now you seem to be disinterested in almost everything. Now, the most common advice you might be getting from everyone after a breakup is to keep yourself busy and indulge in anything that will keep your mind engaged. Let me tell you this, though; a problem will not disappear as soon as you start ignoring it. Therefore, it is okay. It is okay if you are taking your time to grieve. Getting back to your usual self is not something that happens immediately. Patience is vital, and you must be willing to heal from this drastic change in your life permanently. So, looking for temporary distractions won’t get the job done. First, acknowledge what is this new change in your life and embrace it. After doing that, seek support from your loved ones, allow them to be there with you through. Believe me; it will make moving on much more comfortable.

Now that you have acknowledged it and have a great support group, make a plan for the new changes in your life. Set new goals for yourself and create a step by step plan to help you achieve them. Of course, it won’t be all rainbows and sunshine along the way; somedays you’ll feel like you are one step closer to where you want to be in life, and others you might feel like you are back to where you began. Again, your temporary distraction will not shape you in the new you and help you achieve your goals; you confronting your problems will.

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