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One More Chance

This book is about a young Marine Sergeant, Colten. He grew up watching his parents share great love and respect for one another. He always knew that he would get married and settle down in a tiny town in Florida, just like his parents. When he finally met the love of his life, he loved her wholeheartedly only to be left with betrayal and a broken heart. Colten lost all hope and promised himself that he would never put himself in this position again. However, soon he became the bodyguard of Sienna, a pop star who was at the top of her career but struggling with drug addiction. Sienna might have been loved by many as a pop star, but she hardly knew what it felt like to be cherished. At first, both of them did not see eye to eye, which led them to the point of hating each other. The story unfolds with Sienna realizing that they both share the familiar pain of their untold trauma.

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